Choose a Course

Before applying, you should locate the course and university. If you know what to study or where to go, you can search the courses through our course database.
If you have no idea about Chinese education system or Chinese universities, you can also get help from SGS experienced staff.


• A briefing on the Chinese Education System
• Information and advice on choosing suitable courses
• Explanation of the entire application process
• Student visa information
• Reminders of our upcoming activities

Chat with our Enrollment Staff, Please find the chat icon on right bottom corner.
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                                                                                Step 2

Apply Online

An application through Rise Study Advisors can be completed fully online, and and be finished no more than 20 minutes.

Based on the experience in their hometown, some students will choose to apply the university directly. But you will find that it is quite different in China. If your Chinese is not good, we suggest you shouldn’t apply to university directly:
• School websites are full of out of date, inaccurate and incomplete information.
• Student recruitment offices are often too slow to respond and may have limited English level.
• Many schools demand student present application materials in person.
• Delays due to time differences.
• Strict cut-off dates for applications.
• Accommodation is really hard to reserve.


                                                                               Step 3

Get Results

After you submit the application, our staff will preview it. And the university will start to process the application when all the documents are ready. Normally, it takes about 2-4 weeks for the university to process the application for non-degree programs, 4-8 weeks for degree programs. Some universities will ask the applicant to pay the deposit when the admission is made. During the application processing, we will
• Answer your calls within 60 seconds
• Process applications within 24 hours of submission to Shali Global Services
• Release admission decision online once receiving the decision from the university
• Respond to emails within one working day


                                                                               Step 4

Apply For Visa

Students who intend to study in China need to apply for a visa, it is really simple. First of all, you should know what kind of visa you need to apply:
X1 visa: For the student who will take the course more than 180 days.
X2 visa: For the student who will take the course less than 180 days.
L Visa: For the student who takes summer program or winter program.

1.Original passport
3.One completed Visa Application Form
4.Proof of legal stay or residence status
5.Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter
6.Original and photocopy of "Visa Application for Study in China", known as Form JW201 or Form JW202 (Only required for X1 Visa).
Besides the documentation mentioned above, other documents might be required by visa officers in order to decide whether to issue the visa on a case by case basis.


                                                                            Step 5

Pre- Departure Arrangements

Please click here to learn about our Pre-Departure Services.

Step 6

Start Studies

Greeting from Rise Study Advisors, you will start an unforgettable & unbelievable journey to China, a 5000+ year’s history country. After landing, you should register at the university as requested. Get to know the registration process of the university, our staff will do that.

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