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Approved by the China Ministry of Education in 2003, Chifeng University was founded as a public, full time and comprehensive undergraduate university by the combination of the Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities and other four academies. It is located in Chifeng City, the birthplace of the world-famous Hong Shan Cultures. The city boasts profound cultures with time honored history, distinctive scenic spots and rich literal human resources, which is the famous tourism city of China.

The University occupies a total area of 720 mu or 48 hectares and will be enlarged to 1800 mu or 120 hectares with 211 thousands square meters building area. The total value of the capital asserts is 399 million Yuan. In the University, many modern teaching and research facilities have been set up, such as the laboratories of various specialties, the professional practice training rooms, the computer center, the digital campus network, the gymnasium and the multimedia classrooms. The library of the Chifeng University has a collection of 841 thousands books, 179 thousands e-books and 7 comprehensive full-text databases.

The university has strong faculty with 937 full-time teachers, including 119 professors and 477 associate professors. Among them, 502 teachers have doctor or master degrees. There are 9511 full time undergraduate students and academic students and correspondence students in adult education.

The university has established a comprehensive discipline system with 24 colleges or departments such as the College of Mongolia Literature and History, Liberal Arts, Foreign Language Studies, Music, Fine Arts, Political Science and Law, History and Culture, Economics and Management, Education Science, Physical Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Resource and Environmental science, Physics and Electronic Information Engineering, Life Science, Construction and Mechanical Engineering, Primary Education, Medicine, Adult Education, Distance Education , Continuing Education and Teachers Training Education and School of Marxism and Foreign Languages Teaching for College Students. Its specialties covers 9 disciplines including literature, history, laws, education, science, engineering, medicine, management and liberal arts. It can offer 42 undergraduate programs and 60 majors for advanced vocational and academic education. Some programs can be conducted in Mongolia and Chinese Medium. Meanwhile it has offered the master degree in graduate education for the major of Heritage and museum professional. Furthermore, the university has three affiliated units, namely, a subordinate high school and two affiliated hospitals.

The university insists in its position as a local university and runs school on the basis of local condition, endeavoring to build disciplines and majors with local and ethnic characteristics. It has gradually formed a distinctive and strong competitive specialties framework. Among them, local history is the key discipline fostering by the autonomous region and history is the national characteristic major construction base and computer science and technology, mathematical education, biology science, Mongolian language literature and physics and other 7 specialties as the region’s brand programs.

The research atmosphere of the university is very dense. Since the years of the “Eleventh-Five-Plan”, the teachers in the university has assumed and accomplished 199 scientific and research programs, including 11 state natural science fund projects and 114 region natural science fund projects. Among them, 127 have been awarded national, regional or city prizes. Besides, The teachers of the university published 4016 thesis on the national and international research publications, including 447 thesis on authoritative publications, 92 thesis incorporated into three major international search engines and published 44 monographs and 270 teaching materials and translation materials. Chifeng University now has 14 training and research institutions, including Inner Mongolian pre-school teachers training center, Mongology research Center, Hong Shan Culture International Research Center, Tourist and Cultural Industry Development Institute and Education Science Institute with Hongshan Culture and Qidan Liao Ethnic Group Culture Research Base and Inner Mongolian Physical and Social Science Research Base at the region’s level. Our study on Hong Shan culture and Qidan Liao Ethnic Group Culture has won fairly good reputation and exerted influence among the academic circle in the country.

The university is energetically intensifying its international exchange and cooperation and has established good academic exchange and inter-university cooperation with relevant schools in the US, UK, France, Canada, Korea, Mongolia and so on. In 2011, Chifeng University has introduced high-quality teaching resources from Honam University in South Korea, enrolling 192 freshmen under cooperated education projects and achieved new progress in Sino-foreign cooperative education. At present, students from Mongolia, Korea, Ghana, etc. are studying at Chifeng University.  

Upholding its spirit of being virtue respected, dedicated, realistic and innovative, the university takes moral education as its foundation, improvement of education quality as its main task. It initiatively adapts to the internationalized development trend of higher education and insists in running the school in an open manner, namely, open to international students, open to the outside world with open minded. The university continues to deepen the teaching reform and innovate the training model. It focuses on producing students with healthy personality, innovative spirit and strong practical capacity in order to improve the quality of personal training. The university strives to build it as a comprehensive and teaching-intensive one with strong national and local characteristics.




Fee structure


Tuition: 15,000RMB/year.


(1) For a single room with one bed, 5600RMB/year.

(2) For a single room with two beds, 2800RMB/year.

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