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How should I apply for the visa to study in China ?

International students should apply for “X” visa or “F” visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General to study in China with the original documents and one set of photocopies of the:
(1) Visa Application for Study In China (JW201 or JW202),
(2)Admission Notice,
(3)Foreigner Physical Examination Form,
(4)A valid ordinary passport.
International students must enter China with the original copies of the above documents. A person coming to China with other types of passports, visas or without the original documents will not be able to register with the institution, nor will they be able to apply for residence in China. X (study) visas are issued to those coming to China for study or an internship for a period of more than six months. F (business) visas are issued to those invited to China to do business or study for a period of less than six months. Students organized in form of groups and stay less than 6 months can apply for the F group visas by the authorized invitation letters or fax of the duly authorized unit. International students should apply for Residence Permit for Foreigners from the division of exit-entry administration of local public security bureau within thirty days upon arrival in China.

What health verification should be presented if I want to go to China ?

Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:

  1. After arriving in China, international students are required to go to the Health quarantine bureau to confirm the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner within prescribed time limit. Students failing to provide Physical Examination Record for Foreigner must have physical examination at the local Health Quarantine Bureau. If the student is diagnosed to have any disease the laws prohibit entry in China, he/she must return to his/her country at his own expense.

How are health verification and residence permit applied for?

Health verification: Scholarship students who are to stay in China for more than 6 months are requested to bring their passports, Admission Notice, the original Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the Blood Test Report to the local health and quarantine office within the due time to have their medical examination reports verified. Scholarship students who do not meet the requirements of the above authority will be required to re-take the medical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the medical examination or are diagnosed with diseases that are not permitted to stay in China according to the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China. Residence Permit: After the health verification, the scholarship students must apply for residence permit to the local police authority with their passports, Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) within 30 days upon their arrival. Note: Expenses incurred in the procedures above shall be born by the scholarship students themselves.

I have already bought insurance in my homeland. Do I need to buy insurance again in China?

International students are required to buy both medical insurance and personal accidental death and injury insurance. You can buy them either in your own country or in China after your arrival. During the Study

What are the documents required to in order to apply for a visa to China?

A student needs to submit following documents along with the visa application:A valid passport as well as a copy of its information page. Your valid passport must have at least six months of remaining validity and at least one blank visa page in it. Application form: One completed Visa Application Form with genuine information and your signature. Photo: one recently-taken 2x2 square inch sized colour photo glued or stapled to the application form. An original and a photocopy of the Letter of Admission, Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW202) issued by the relevant Chinese government unit.

What is the visa procedure in order to study in China?

A first time visa applicant to China will be permitted a maximum of a Single entry permit. A second time applicant may receive a 12 months multiple entry permit, In China, visas are given letter designations, Chinese immigration also issues the following types of permit. Students are eligible for X1 & X2 Chinese Visa. After student apply to us EEC arrange their necessary visa documents with the help of respective university

What are the requirements to study in China?

Each programme at any Chinese university has its own requirements for entry. Here are some general requirements that you need to have in order to apply to a university in China. A high school diploma or senior secondary education certificate.
Passport Scan copy ( with min. 1 year validity)
One Clear scan picture with white background
Filled Application form

Do I have to learn Chinese in order to apply for a course in China?

Welcoming global students, China is now offering education in English with teachers well versed in the language. The country also conducts separate classes for international students so that they can get proper attention. It is not required for a student to learn the language prior to join but it is always advisable to learn the basics in order to sustain in a foreign land. EEC have made it possible for their students to get FREE Chinese language classes during their undergraduate courses. so they can carry out their normal life with ease in China.

How much does education in China cost?

Education in China is even more affordable as compared to Other Countries.. The tuition fee for a student (Undergraduate courses) studying in China is $ 2000 – $ 6,000 annually.

Can I take a part-time job while studying at college?

Tuition fee is generally paid on year basis. According to relevant Chinese laws, international students studying in China are forbidden to be employed, and work-study opportunity is relatively small. So self-financed international students should make the financial preparation before arriving in China.

How can I deal with the accommodation after arriving in China if I don’t speak Chinese?

Applications for accommodation should be made to the universities before coming to China.
There are many kinds of dormitories in universities, and the prices differ from each other due to the furniture and facilities. International students should apply before arriving in China. If you want to come with your families, you should consult the university in advance. Otherwise, you should take care of the accommodation by yourself.
Students can live off-campus with the permission of the university, but should register at the local public security office within 24 hours upon arrival.

Is the cost of living in China too high?

Although prices in China are rising, the cost of living here is still favorable compared with most developed countries. You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is. Compared to developed countries, the cost of living and studying in China is relatively low. An average meal at good restaurant costs around 10-20 yuan. The subway has a flat rate of 2 yuan and buses within the city are even cheaper. Smaller cities and those in China’s central and western regions are particularly inexpensive.

How much would I be spending during my stay in China?

With government providing all the required amenities, China is an affordable country. Living in China is not much expensive for a student. The accommodation will be provided by university and cost vary as university to university please visit relative university page for detail. while living cost is just about $ 2,000 approx. annually.

Is a degree from China valid in My Country?

Yes, its valid all over the world, if you join a university meet following criteria,
University is under the recognized list of any of following organization

Can I study for a degree from China by distance or online education?

No, Its not Possible

Can I work during the course of my education in China?

According to government regulations in China, international students cannot work during their studies. However, part-time work or internships are sometimes allowed.

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