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Hebei University is the only key comprehensive and co-established university by the Province and Ministry. It is located in the outskirts of Beijing, which need only 30 minutes to go to Beijing by light rail, 1-1.5 hours by train or car. The predecessor of Hebei University is Tianjin Business University, which is established by the French Society of Jesus, then it experienced several periods, including Tianjin Business Institute, Jinggu University, Tianjin Normal Institute, and Tianjin Normal University. The name of Hebei University is confirmed in 1960, and it moved to national historical and cultural city -- Baoding in 1970.

Hebei University covered 29 colleges and 5 common teaching departments. It also has 87 undergraduate majors, 189 master degree programs, 19 professional master degree programs, 37 doctor degree programs and 6 post-doctoral research stations.

Hebei University is an open university. It has established friendly relations with more than 100 universities around the world. Hebei university established Confucius Institutes in Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro of Brazil and Xavier University of Louisiana of USA. It also has built language centers in Britain, Mongolia, south Korea, Russia and Malaysia, which have become a friendly bridge to develop cooperation and exchange. Hundreds of teachers and professors were sent to study overseas, and international eminent experts were invited to give lectures, established extensive connections overseas.

Hebei University is one of the first batch of Universities that enroll international students in china since 1965. More than 3,000 Doctors, Masters, Bachelors and short-term international students from more than 50 different countries have studied in Hebei University in different majors. Hebei University is qualified to accept the Chinese Government Scholarship students, and is the new HSK test center.


Philosophy2~3 years


World Economics2~3 years


Political and Ideological Education2~3 years


History of Education2~3 years


Chinese Philology2~3 years


Chinese Classical Literature2~3 years


History of Ancient China2~3 years


History of Neoteric and Modern China2~3 years


Analytical Chemistry2~3 years


Polymer Chemistry and Physics2~3 years


Zoology2~3 years


Optical Engineering2~3 years


Chinese language1 semester


Chinese language1 year



Chinese Language and Literature4 years


Chinese as a Foreign Language4 years


History4 years


Classical Document4 years


Journalism4 years


Advertisement4 years


Economics4 years


International Economics and Trade4 years


Finance4 years


Public Finance4 years


Accounting4 years


Insurance4 years


Labor and Social Security4 years


Nonprofit Management4 years


Tourism Management4 years


Tourism Management4 years


Financial Management4 years


Human Resource Management4 years


Business Administration4 years


Electronic Business4 years


Library Science4 years


Archival Science4 years


Information Management and System4 years


Marketing4 years


English4 years


Japanese4 years


French4 years


Russian4 years


Korean4 years


Education4 years


Educational Technology4 years


Preschool Education4 years


Applied Psychology4 years


Social Work4 years


Law4 years


Politics and Public Administration4 years


Philosophy4 years


Musicology4 years


Art Design4 years


Drama and Movie Literature4 years


Painting4 years


Animation4 years


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics4 years


Information and Computing Science4 years


Computer Science and Technology4 years


Network Engineering4 years


Software Engineering4 years


Physics4 years


Applied Physics4 years


Applied Physics4 years


Optical Information Science and Technology4 years


Chemistry4 years


Chemistry4 years


Material Chemistry4 years


Environmental Chemistry4 years


Multimolecular Materials and Engineering4 years


Environmental Engineering4 years


Biological Science4 years


Biological Technology4 years


Bioinformatics4 years


Bioinformatics4 years


Marine Science4 years


Biological Science4 years


Communication Engineering4 years


Electronic Information Engineering4 years


Electronic Science and Technology4 years


Electronic Science and Technology4 years


Automation4 years


Electrical Engineering and Automation4 years


Biomedicine Engineering4 years


Engineering Mechanics4 years


Industrial Design4 years


Mechanical Designing and Manufacturing Automation4 years


Civil Engineering4 years


Architecture4 years


Measurement Control and Instrumentation4 years


Safety Engineering4 years


Product Quality Engineering (Engineering Bachelor Degree)4 yearsS


Pharmacology4 years


Traditional Chinese Medical Science4 years


Clinical Medicine4 years


Preventive Medicine4 years



Chinese Classical Documents2~3 years


Chinese Classical Literature2~3 years


Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature2~3 years


Comparative Literature and World Literature2~3 years


History of Particular Subjects2~3 years


Chinese Neoteric and Modern History2~3 years


Chinese Philology2~3 years


Philosophy of Marxism2~3 years


Logics2~3 years


Ethnics2~3 yearsLaw Theory2~3 years


Constitution and Administrative Law2~3 years


Criminal Law2~3 years


Civil Law2~3 years


Litigation Law2~3 years


Economic Law2~3 years


Master of Law2~3 years


Politics Theory2~3 years


Sociology2~3 years


Basic Principles of Marxism2~3 years


History of Marxism Development2~3 years


Marxism chinization Research2~3 years


Political and Ideological Education2~3 years


Administrative Management2~3 years


Political Economics2~3 years


Western Economics2~3 years


Population, Resource and Environmental Economics2~3 years


National Economics2~3 years


Regional Economics2~3 years


Finance2~3 years


International Trade2~3 years


Statistics2~3 years


Quantitative Economics2~3 years


Demography2~3 years


Educational Principle2~3 years


History of Education2~3 years


Comparative Education2~3 years


Preschool Education2~3 years


Higher Education2~3 years


Development and Educational Psychology2~3 years


Educational Technology2~3 years


Basic Psychology2~3 years


Theory of Literature and Art2~3 years


Linguistics and Applied Linguistics2~3 years


World History2~3 years


English Language and Literature2~3 years


Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics2~3 years


Journalism2~3 years


Communication2~3 years


Art Theory2~3 yearsS


Master of International Chinese Education2~3 years


Fine Arts2~3 yearsArtistic Design2~3 years


Radio and TV Art2~3 years


Historical Documents2~3 years


Chinese Ancient History2~3 years


Basic Mathematics2~3 years


Applied Mathematics2~3 years


Operational Research and Cybernetics2~3 years


Computer Architecture2~3 years


Computer Software and Theory2~3 years


Computer Applied Technology2~3 years


Theoretical Physics2~3 years


Atom and Molecule Physics2~3 years


Plasma Physics2~3 years


Condensed Matter Physics2~3 years


Optics2~3 years


Environmental Engineering2~3 years


Optical Engineering2~3 years


Inorganic Chemistry2~3 years


Analytical Chemistry2~3 years


Organic Chemistry2~3 years


Physical Chemistry2~3 years


High Polymer Chemistry2~3 years


Materials Physics and Chemistry2~3 years


Communication and Information System2~3 years


Control Theory and Control Engineering2~3 years


Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment2~3 years

Fee structure


Tuition: 16,00RMB-18,000RMB


Tuition: 20,000RMB-30,000RMB


Tuition: 23,000RMB-34,500RMB


International student apartment No.1:

LCD TV, A.C., Bathroom, Refrigerator, Phone, Desk, Bed,Wardrobe, Shower, Network, Closet, Double room 55/person/day

LCD TV, A.C., Bathroom, Refrigerator, Phone, Desk, Bed,Wardrobe, Shower, Network, Double room 50/person/day

International student apartment No.2

Television, A.C., Bathroom, Refrigerator, Phone, Desk, Bed, Wardrobe, Shower, Network, Double room 30/person/day

Television, A.C., Bathroom, Refrigerator, Phone, Desk, Bed, Wardrobe, Shower, Network, Single room

International student apartment No.3

A.C., Bathroom, Bed, Desk, Wardrobe, Shower, Network, Double room 25/person/day

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