We are a specialist, high quality international education group with teaching locations across the USA and UK.

Kings Colleges Deliver:

  • University pathways

  • English Language courses

Mission statement

At Kings, our mission is to provide a general and linguistic education for young people from all over the world intent on studying in an Anglophone environment — developing and nurturing every student to help them achieve personal growth, personal achievement and the best learning outcome for their individual circumstances, ability and needs.

We strive to create life-changing and long-lasting memories, and to help our students make ambitious, well-informed and broad-minded choices about the way they lead their future lives.


For us, everything begins and ends with our students.

We place the needs of each student at the centre of our entire approach to learning. We aspire to create a personalised plan and pathway for each one of our students.

At Kings we value our students above all else. We recognize the immense contribution they make, collectively and individually, towards ensuring our learning communities are rich, dynamic and purposeful.

With decades of experience in the unique needs of international students, we are dedicated to educating and mentoring them in ways which recognize their individual ambitions, and which will make a real difference to their available range of skills, experiences and future opportunities.

We aim to define a ’student-centered’ approach at every level.

It starts with the manner in which we attract, counsel and support our prospective students; it’s also defined by the way in which we educate, mentor and support them during their time with us; and it continues through the personal relationships we often maintain with our students long after they have left us to continue their success elsewhere.

In practical terms, this requires that we focus on every element of the student experience - including pre-arrival information, academic progress, English language development, cultural adjustment, personal welfare and support, university guidance, extracurricular opportunities and accommodation provision.

In short, we are committed to ensuring that the total student experience is a happy, fulfilling and enriching one.

That way it will also be a successful one.

Embodying our values through student outcomes

We want all of our students to share in our values and objectives, and to work with us to try to achieve them.

We measure success in this by how much our students:

  • acquire new knowledge and skills which allow and encourage them to move forward in their educational or professional careers

  • move forward in these careers with greater confidence, ambition and self-awareness

  • understand more about the personal choices and possibilities available to them

  • understand more about the wider issues facing the world and their personal responsibilities in this regard

  • take pleasure in being part of an international community where opportunities for friendship and fun are integral to the learning experience

  • leave with fond and long-lasting memories and a sense of personal growth

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kings time estate phase 2, building 8, floor 29, Wangcheng district, Changsha, Hunan, China.

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Topfloor Abowei plaza beside Zenith bank plc, Amarata, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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